Now, It’s time to sit and relax, LoyalHut is here…


AA question asked by many as one surfs through the web pages. When we already have people in the neighborhood offering all such services as promised by them. So why LoyalHut?

May be this situation gives an understanding..

We all do grocery shopping. A must do every month to update the stock of necessary household supplies. Making list, fitting all needs and luxuries in budget, then maybe evaluating brands and then hunting for the store that provides the best value for money. Now it so happens that we get only pulses under one roof, but flour from another store, spices from the third one, detergents and soaps from yet another. So by the time you reach home you are drained off energy. Now what if u realize that something's missed…Or may be some thing mistakenly packed.. A testing time of patience.

Ok, one more example…

Someday say the electrical geyser breaks down. You call an electrician who after fixing the wiring discloses some plumbing work to be carried on to ensure smooth functioning. Being an electrician plumbing work not his area of expertise. So now hunt for plumber. Once the plumber comes get ready for the list of hardware required like pipes etc. to fix the geyser and then after settling his dues bid him goodbye as well. Well the work is done but what after taking a troll on the time and energy.

Now do you know what was the problem with the circuit or why was the need to replace the pipes? What to do to ensure long term functioning of the repairs thus carried?

Many of us after getting the appliance repaired fail to gather information on the little nuances. Now here lies the need for LoyalHut. They fill the gap by providing information about future maintenance as well.

To sum up, LoyalHut just strives to provide one stop solution for all those repairing, construction, remodeling, vastu and maintenance needs, a part of life of households. Be it plumber, electrician, gardener, just make a call and you are sorted. We not just repair but look into all aspects of fulfilling your needs. Now you might be worried about the price. Remember the number you called to ask for a service is toll free. Still worried. The service offered will justify the cost. It’s the same what your neighborhood wala labor will ask. No hidden costs. No added costs for extra services. We are now available in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. Just take one step and make a free call. We promise to fulfill your needs and nurture our new relationship.