Bathroom, your personal comfort station…


ABathroom is an integral part of your lifestyle. Considering the fact that a major portion of a person's life is spent in the bathroom performing the basi chores. Nowadays a lot of thought of thought is being put in designing this place. How to utilise the space allocated to the maximum catering to all the desires of ever growing lifestyle. How to match the luxuries wished with the actual needs?

1) fantasizing a swimming pool but owning it is way out of pocket. No we are not saying we can create a pool in your bathroom. But what about a feel of it with the concept of SUNKEN BATHTUBS. It will provide multiple benefits: it will not act as an obstruction but make the bathroom appear larger and airy. Further, it can also be hidden under the floor when not in use. Before going for a sunken bathtub make sure that you provide for a little storage near it. It will prove to be very useful.

2) the pedestal sinks in the bathroom can provide a perfect hidden storage space. How? Just get a easy to sew sink skirt in varied patterns. It will also hide the exposed plumbing. Varied prints and colors of the skirt will also add colour to the bathroom.


3) do opt for a vanity in the bathroom. This only piece of furniture will not only store essential toiletries but also give a cleaner look to the bathroom. If it happens to be a floating one, it will further add to the creating an illusion of increased space in the bathroom. Further the top of the vanity can further be used for those potted fragrant plants.

4) if you can't opt for vanities, try placing some floating glass shelves on the walls. Yes it will definitely increase the eye span. They can be placed anywhere like near the mirror or in any accessible corner.

5) making open shelves cut into the walls like niches also increase the visible space in the bathroom besides providing for the much needed storage space.

6) feeling sad as you could not provide for a green area view in the bathroom. Try this... Place some fresh potted plants in the bathroom. Also you can landscape the shower wall or the wall adjacent to the bathing space with in built tile prints of those green lushness which we crave for at the end of the day.

Also, a little play with colours, lights, mirror/glass also hepls to enhance the beauty of bathroom making the visible area appear bigger and better.