Home Design and Renovations…


The truth is we all are very busy – so that we do not care about how our home looks. For many amongst us the home is just a place to do three basic things – live, eat and sleep. But, times have changed and if you are still thinking on these lines, you just need to look around. Did you ever think of designing your home? Did the thought of renovating your home ever cross your mind? If it’s a “Yes”, read on and if it’s a “No” read on to find how designing and renovating your house would change the way you look at what you call as ‘home’.

Prevent Those Bumps...

Did you on several occasions knock down the flower vase while trying to reach out for something? While, renovating ensure that the shelves are within a reachable distance of your hand. Try to take several rounds of walk through your house and visualize your actions. This will help you design your home in a way so that the interior are spacious, and you have enough room to move and work without knocking down any expensive home decor items.

Functional Design

Certain items in your home need to be within your reach and while, there should be earmarked spaces for your refrigerator and laundry machines, ensure that these details are worked out before you go for styling of your indoors. For example, with kitchens once your layouts, cabinets, etc. are planned out bring out your imagination to choose the colour, shades, decide whether to go for a simple neutral look or for a laminate finish. Adding patterns with the curtains work well while, over decorative elements may spoil the look.

Define Your Style

The word ‘creative’ can cause momentary panic. However, starting from the little things will help you determine your design. For example, what sort of colour do you like? Do you like glass or wood? Are you old-style or contemporary? Or are you funky? Getting answers to all such simple questions will help you style better. Choose whether you prefer an L-shaped kitchen or a straight kitchen. While choosing wardrobes, go minimalist with horizontal panelling and red colour for a better contrast.


So, you have put in a lot of effort in a particular decor. However, nobody notices it, and you are wondering where you went wrong! That’s where lighting comes in. Lighting provides not just functional value but also aesthetically sets our mood. It is also important to remember that light creates ambiance, and hence a mistake or mere carelessness can put all your hard work down the drain.


Living Room

The living room reminds us of the coffee tables for a reason. These are what defines ambiance and with a few simple tries the living room can magically transform. For example, keep the coffee table essentials evolving with the season. Keep storage off the floor and put them on your walls. Hide any sort of wiring. You may also opt for an entertainment unit to lend beauty to your living room. Ensure that noisy clutter do not find a place in your room. Have a wall unit ready to hold your television.


Get Started

Now that you have read the check list, it’s time to get into action. But will you DIY or call the interior designer? While deciding, weigh your options and take money into consideration. While, DIY can be fun, interior design and renovation agencies give you several benefits like planning, budget, warranty and after sales support. Get started, your renovated home is on its way.